Legal 500 – tips on how to submit

With the Legal 500 submission date only 4 weeks away, here are some tips to ensure a smooth submission process:

You should have received an email with your Legal 500 log-in details – verify now that the username and password work correctly. If not contact for further assistance.

It is recommended to upload a couple submissions as drafts to test that they will upload correctly – you do not want to be dealing with upload and formatting issues the day of the deadline.

Should you encounter difficulties in uploading your submissions, it is likely due to tampering with the submission template or not adhering to the template instructions. If you are unable to successfully upload your submission, it may be because of one or more of the following issues:

  • Altering the form itself by adding or removing text-boxes ortable columns;
  • altering field headings (e.g. do not write the word “CONFIDENTIAL” next to the matter number)
  • Not following specific instructions on the form (e.g. where specified to leave end date blank for ongoing matters, do not write “Ongoing” in the field);
  • Using words when asked for numerical values (e.g. in “Length of Relationship (Years)”, please simply put in 5. Writing “five”, “5+”, “5 years” etc. can break the form on import, or if a matter is worth USD 1bn+, for instance, put USD in the Currency field, 1 in the Matter value field and “bn” in the m/k/bn field, and say “At least £1bn” in the Additional comments box.);
  • Formatting dates incorrectly (e.g. writing “Feb. 1, 2018” instead of “02/2018”);
  • Incorrect currency formats (e.g. “US$” instead of “USD”, using currencies other than those designated);
  • Indicating confidentiality incorrectly –
  • Tea
    • do not mark an entire work highlight as confidential; you must ascribe confidentiality separately to each aspect of the work highlight.
    • In fields that don’t come with a Confidential/Non-confidential option, (e.g. “Matter summary” or “About the practice”), please identify anyconfidential information by marking that information [CONFIDENTIAL] confidential content [/CONFIDENTIAL].
    • It is important to close off the confidential section with the [/CONFIDENTIAL] tag – note the forward slash.
  • Adding non-text formats (including images, charts, graphs and tables) to text-boxes;
  • Trying to import a PDF version of the template
  • Selecting the incorrect practice areas after importing from Word.
  • Adding more than one telephone number or email address to each lawyer in the Leading individual / Next generation lawyer tables.
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