Chambers Europe 2025 – Everything you need to know for the upcoming guide.

Directories and Rankings

Multiple Information Sources:

Submissions: 20 work highlights per submission per practice area. If more than 20 included, researchers will only look at first 20. No need for exhaustive detail, a summary of key points will suffice.

Client Feedback: Maximum of 20 referees per firm per practice area – might be some exceptions. Please check the Chambers research calendar to confirm referee limit in your jurisdiction/practice area.

Lawyer Interviews: Lawyer interviews are optional, not critical. They are a chance to provide extra detail, but largely for the researcher to get market feedback.

How are rankings determined?

Work Highlights

  • Evidence of work that is comparable standard to other ranked/submitting firms
  • Greatest credit given to sophisticated, cross-border matters, especially novel/market first
  • Deal/case value is often indicative, but not a determining factor.


  • Referees are incredibly important and provide feedback on the firm’s service and wider team.
  • Submissions are undoubtedly important but lose their impact without corroboration from referees.

Market Feedback

  • Peer appraisal is taken into account but with the awareness that this feedback is subjective.

Referees: Who to put forward?

  • Talkers
  • Clients who know the team/market
  • Mix of old and new clients
  • Link to submission matters
  • Can be direct clients, overseas counsel or regulators
  • Seek consent before putting down an individual’s name
  • Encourage client participation
  • Don’t miss the deadline!

Referee Trials

In the upcoming Chambers Europe 2025 guide, there will be an expansion of the referee trial.

The full list of countries that will be part of ref trial to be found on website – see here: Ranking Opportunities for Law Firms | Chambers Europe Legal Topics

New Sections Open for Submission

  • Austria – TMT: Data Protection
  • Finland – Competition/European Law: Public Procurement
  • Greece – Banking & Finance: Capital Markets
  • Gibraltar – General Business Law: Corporate/Commercial and General Business Law: Financial Services
  • Italy – Dispute Resolution: Arbitration
  • Netherlands – Arbitration
  • Netherlands – Litigation: Supreme Court Litigation and Litigation: Mass Torts: Mainly Plaintiffs
  • Portugal – Dispute Resolution: Highly Regarded and Dispute Resolution: The Elite

Differences between Chambers Europe & Global:

Chambers Europe GuideChambers Global Guide
Ranks a firm’s overall capability and presence in that jurisdiction.Ranks a firm’s overall international capability and presence.
Send in submissions and referees for all practice areas listed on the website.No submissions or referees – only Foreign Expert Sheets.
Limited Foreign Experts Tables– only Netherlands and SpainLimited practice areas covered: Corporate/M&A, Dispute Resolution, Finance, IP, Energy & Natural Resources
Full practice area coverageIncludes Europe-wide
Full editorial for each firmForeign Experts for numerous practice areas and jurisdictions

Europe-wide categories:

This section assesses firms’ cross-border and international capabilities and coordination between offices.

When should I submit?

  • Deadline is May 30th
  • Multiple offices across different jurisdictions within Europe.
  • Dedicated Trade/WTO practice.
  • Do not submit to Europe-wide if you have missed the local deadline.
  • Referees should only be submitted for International Trade/WTO and Regulatory & Public Affairs.

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