Submissions consultation and programs

We can deliver easy-to-follow workshops and training to your teams, and can also provide you with detailed reports analyzing previous rankings.


Our expert team can train and develop your partners, associates and marketing department to enhance their capabilities.

For law firms who have in-house capabilities or are satisfied with their rankings, but strive for improvement - such as getting more individuals listed, our workshops are an ideal solution. 

Workshops allow a better understanding of the methodology, the process, differences from one directory to the other, the various weights of the rankings etc’. An annual “refresher” course has proven to be very successful and should be a must for any law firm that seeks to empower their legal team and improve in the rankings. 

All workshops are online but we also deliver in-house:

Legal Directories 101

an in-depth overview of Chambers, Legal500, and IFLR1000. Topics covered include methodology used by legal directories, main differences, how to write a submission, how to choose referees, best practices and tips.

Writing the best submission

a deep dive on how to write a submissions that will stand out and reflect your firm. Topics include: importance of the shop window, writing lawyer bios, selecting and ordering work highlights, writing work highlight descriptions and insider tips.

Marketing team training

for legal marketing staff who are just getting acquainted with legal directories. Topics include: how to manage the process within the law firm, engaging partners, writing good submissions and engaging with research teams at legal directories.

Strategic Consulting

Preparation, understanding, and knowledge go a long way and we can help to break down the submission process and empower you on what publications want and really need from you. 

Work with partners and marketing teams

our team of experts can guide partners who are unfamiliar with the submission processes and requirements. In addition, we can train your business development and marketing departments so they are better prepared for any queries arising from partners.

A holistic approach

book a consultation with one of our strategy experts who can teach you all about the long game. If you want to learn about how to prepare your firm’s partners to engage the market effectively ahead of submission entries, our team can help.

Global rankings report

we will provide bespoke research and analysis for those practice groups that are constantly under-ranked or which were completely overlooked in the past.

Submissions Editing

We can proof, edit and review submissions to make sure they provide an impactful and effective image of what sets your firm apart.

Strategic Content Creation

We can also help integrate your submission content into all your marketing and BD platforms and bring strategic guidance about additional platforms for consideration.

Submissions outsourcing

We can effectively take over the process entirely or handle overflow so that your team is available for other work during busy times.